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Hi, I'm Stacy Holland.

I'm a Leadership, Career and Team CoachMy passion in life is to help empower people to live a life of freedom, abundance and joy. To connect to their soul, realise their potential, go after it and exceed their ambitions beyond their wildest dreams! To thrive and grow.

I have an ICF coaching qualification and a ACCPH coaching certification as well as over 20 years experience in the corporate world including VP/Executive leadership roles. I have been head hunted to lead teams in different countries and cultures and delivered commercial, transformation and cultural change and growth in every role.  I’ve championed people development, career progression, mentoring and coaching.  I’m a voice for wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion (and more).  I know very well what it's like to be a women and a minority working her way up the ladder, striving to be successful and fulfilled in every role, balancing wellness and family, and the struggles and challenges that come with that. If this resonates with you, then I can help.

Coaching with me is soul enriching work that will transform your life!

My Story

I bring decades of experience in market-leading corporates in the UK and Dubai building high performing teams, leading transformation, inspiring and motivating, teaching, coaching and mentoring. I’ve been on my own incredible personal journey and awakening. I’ve walked this path.


Having experienced the power of coaching in my own life I discovered I had a passion for it, completed an accredited coaching qualification and certification, began to use coaching daily in my role as a business leader. I later launched my own coaching business.

I combine the experience, strategies and knowledge from my years in corporate leadership roles, with coaching, intuition and mindset work to help my clients to unblock embedded negative beliefs, release fear based stories, listening to their inner voice, connect with their own authenticity and unlocking their true potential.


Having done this work myself, I’m happier, more successful and more balanced than ever in my work and my home life. My life is exciting, expansive, empowering and a continuous learning journey!

I am a Mum of 2 and I love anything to do with being out in nature or by the sea. When we can, as a family we'll be off exploring or travelling looking for new adventures. I practice yoga and pilates and am an avid reader, I've always got 3 or 4 books on the go at one time! I love to weave in to my days meditation, journalling, affirmations and a walk outdoors as it fills my soul and sets me up for a great day.


If you feel the pull towards coaching and want to experience the transformational impact it will have on your then book in a FREE Discovery call and let's talk!

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