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Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Hi, I'm Stacy and I am a Leadership & Team Coach, Consultant and Changemaker.

I work with Clients who are ready to claim their next level in their career or business as well as Leadership Teams who need support navigating through times of change.  To lead from the front consciously and authentically.

I will help you to step in and step up to your fullest potential so you can have a career and life that lights you up and positively impacts the world around you.

To help my Clients achieve the transformation they desire, I combine leadership coaching, mindset strategies and intuition with over 20 years experience running Digital teams for market-leading corporates in the UK and the Middle East - including BT, EE, du, O2 and Three - for many years at Vice President/Executive level.

Are you looking for a Leadership Coach and Mentor to guide you or your team through times of clarity and change? I offer:

Private 1:1 Coaching

Digital Leadership Mentoring

High Performance Team Coaching


I empower, activate, guide and inspire professionals & teams to do amazing things and to love life!


Never has there been a more important time than now to step into your own power and choose to create the career and life of your dreams. So let's talk!



I know all too well what it's like to feel that there is something more. 

Feeling stuck? Like something is missing and there’s more out there for you? Feeling depleted, lacking energy, frustrated and ready to take a step in to living the life you truly desire? I know how uncomfortable that feeling is but yet it calls you anyway.


The call to step forward, to speak your truth, to be seen and heard for who you truly and fully are. To live a life of authenticity, joy, purpose, prosperity and abundance. It is all within you!


I get it, I've been there and I will help you on your path.  With courage we will bring that vision alive, with compassion we will work at a pace that is right for you and with creativity we will work on ideas and plans that lead you to the life you truly desire.

This is enriching, enlightening and results focused work and it will change your life!

"Searching for the angle to unlock and discover something that helps growth from within and without fear of putting ones-self out there. Leading, coaching, mentoring call it what you like but it's about Stacy championing you."


Let's talk about you.

I've guided and mentored many people, from graduates to CEOs, throughout my corporate career, expanding this to my coaching clients in early 2021 when I founded and launched Stacy Holland Coaching. My mission is to help empower and guide my 1:1 clients through their own path of discovery and transformation. To their own personal power. 

I help leaders to connect into their vision, into what is most important to them, their inner power and potency and to fully step into this. I believe that by unlocking our own potential and by choosing to follow this we create exponential change in our own lives and inspire the same for those around us.

Ready to be the leader you came here to be? Here's how, starting right now:

1. Make the empowered decision now that you want more out of your career, your business, your life.


2. Choose to not let fear or doubt override the desire for a better, more aligned and fulfilling path.


3. Believe that it does get to be better for you than it is today and take the next step to commit to your growth.

Navigating through change and transformation is never easy or a straight line but with me by your side you will feel fully supported.  I will walk by your side as your guide, cheerleader and accountability buddy!

Work with me and together we will get you to a better place where you feel happy, fulfilled, successful and abundant without sacrificing your happiness and wellbeing.

So what are you waiting for? Book in a call and let's begin.

Is your team ready for the next level?

Businesses that foster strong cultures, deliver consistently successful outcomes and have highly engaged and satisfied employees are leading the pack in today's competitive world. Increasingly people are looking to join organisations with a clear purpose to help make the world a better place, a strong set of values that are lived and demonstrated by all and a culture where they can thrive and grow.


What sets these companies apart is their commitment to creating and maintaining high functioning and high performing teams.  These teams have several factors in common; trust, a sense of belonging, shared values, common goal/vision, respect and a willingness to be open and vulnerable.

Teams navigate through change on a daily basis however there are those times when the change is significant enough that an expert hand is needed to facilitate the process and bring everyone on the journey together.


 Changes such as new leadership, welcoming in team members, transformation programmes, a reshaped vision or direction or when a team has grown rapidly.  Although filled with opportunity, these times can be highly disruptive to the morale and productivity of a team. As an Organisation and Systems Relationship (ORSC) Coach with also over 20 years Digital experience up to VP/Director level in market-leading corporates I am skilled at guiding teams through times of change to build trust, alignment and momentum.

I offer high performance leadership team and 1:1 coaching for businesses going through transitions to transformation. If this is where you are now, book a call and let's talk.

Working together

Through coaching and mentoring I help my clients find their true purpose, connect to what is most important to them, clear blocks and set a path for happiness, fulfilment and success.


I use a combination of coaching methods, strategy, intuition and my own life experience to guide me to the best approach and pace for my clients and their individual needs. 

Find out more below.


Laser Focused

3 months Private 1:1 Coaching


Digital Leadership



Deeper Change

6 months Private 1:1 Coaching

Young team putting hands up for new startup in creative office - Cheerful people giving st

High Performance Leadership

Team Coaching​ & Development

Are you ready?

Learn more about how we can work together by booking a Discovery call.

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