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What does it mean to be a ‘change-maker’ as a leader?

Updated: May 4

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Several years ago a senior colleague told me I was a ‘change agent’ in the organization. My ego loved this I can tell you! But once I came back down to earth I got really curious about what it meant to be someone who was instrumental in leading change.

The people who know that they are here to be a part of a larger change for the better. Starting with themselves.

For me, to be a change-maker is to be someone who starts by recognizing the need to make a change for their own happiness and success. Someone who takes the decision to not ‘put up’ with how things are any longer. That it gets to be different. And does something about it.

Someone who is not afraid to reclaim their power, shine their light, and inspires and motivates others to do the same.

That is true leadership role modeling.

One of the reasons I love coaching is because of the power it has to help leaders step in to their true path as change-makers.

In most cases it starts with overcoming blocks, limiting beliefs, that hold us back. Any one of these for starters…

🤯 Lack of confidence - eg been passed over too many times for a promotion, returning to work after maternity leave, fear of being truly seen and heard

🤯 Burnout - eg not understanding and respecting their own boundaries, people pleasing and validation seeking, doing too much for too little return, lack of balance

🤯 Frustration - eg not feeling rewarded and recognized, not aligned with the company’s culture or direction, no clear career path

🤯 Feeling stuck - eg feeling trapped, lack of direction, knowing they desire more but not knowing how to take the steps needed to make a change

🤯 Toxic cultures - eg where behaviors that are unacceptable yet tolerated create unhealthy environments and expectations

What does being a change-maker mean to you?


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