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Are you seeking CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION in your career in the corporate world or

in your own business?


Are you looking to drive a shift within yourself and your organisation in a



Do you want to progress to that next level of LEADERSHIP?


Are you feeling restless and want to get CLARITY on your future?

Do you feel that you need more BALANCE in your work and life?


Do you want to be HAPPIER in what you do?

Then CHANGE FROM WITHIN is for you!

Throughout this impactful 8-week programme I will provide you with a guided approach, mindset strategies, tools, my own experience and coaching to help you connect into yourself, the answers and the change that you are looking for.


CHANGE FROM WITHIN is packed full of so much great content to help you on your path and will change your life!

What does it mean to be a leader and a role model of true lasting impact in today’s world?

BELIEVING in and EMBRACING your potential

Being an AUTHENTIC leader

EMPOWERING yourself and others 


Working with FLOW and EASE


Be HAPPIER, more FULFILLED and truly SUCCESSFUL in what you do

We can see the world shifting around us. Away from an old paradigm of pushing, hustling and self-centred actions to leading with integrity, truth, balance and unity.


As leaders, change-makers and innovators you have a responsibility to embrace and role model how YOU want to see the world. You have a critical role to play in leading from a place of authenticity. The time is now to step forward, embrace the full you and be a leader of change.


Not only is the world calling for you to lead in this way, but you will be happier every day for it.

When we know who we are, we can lead others from a place of true authenticity, presence, vulnerability, consciousness, purpose and integrity.


When we activate ourselves, we activate others. When we are inspired, we inspire others. When we say yes to our soul and lead from here and not from fear or ego we motivate others to do the same.

It is my own life changing journey that has inspired me to create this incredibly powerful programme 

I have over 20 years experience in the corporate world right through to VP/Executive level. I have been head hunted to lead teams in different countries and cultures and delivered commercial, transformation and cultural change and growth in every role.  I’ve championed people development, career progression, mentoring and coaching.  I’m a voice for wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion (and more).  I know very well what it's like to strive to be successful and fulfilled in every role, to feel that to 'fit in' is the only way to move forward, balancing wellness and family, and the struggles and challenges that come with that.

I have also walked my own extraordinary path of soul, life and career transformation, understanding who I wanted to BE and what I wanted to DO every day, which has produced incredibly powerful results.


I'm now bringing all of this together in to this programme that will accelerate you to new heights of success, happiness and fulfilment. 


8 weeks of LIVE calls to bring deep and lasting transformation plus a 1:1 with me

Over 8 weeks we will cover 6 key modules and we will integrate and discuss together during 2 Q&A sessions.  The programme will be a balanced blend of teaching, guiding, coaching and Q&A.


Module 1: CLARITY

Connecting in to who you really are, your values, purpose and inner power


Module 2: COURAGE 

To face in to what’s getting in your way, your conditioning and limiting beliefs

Module 3: CHANGE

Leaning in to balance and flow, the being vs the doing, taking aligned action



Integration, discussion



With yourself, with the Universe, with others. Empowering and leading teams with vulnerability, integrity and purpose.




In expressing yourself and your message, showing others how to embrace their own innate creativity


Module 6: COMMUNITY 

Embodying the energy of being a change-maker, role model and the impact you want to have on yourself, on others and on the world



Integration, discussion


CHANGE FROM WITHIN will run weekly on a Wednesday, 12-1pm (GMT). 

19th, 26th January

2nd, 9th, 23rd February

2nd, 9th, 16th March


All calls will over zoom, links will be sent in advance and sessions will be recorded so if you are unable to attend, you can catch up afterwards.

Also included 

A 1-hour 1:1 with me (worth £555) to be taken during the duration of the programme

Image by Geran de Klerk



Are you ready to begin your journey of change?

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