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Join me at 12pm (BST) on Tuesday 24th May for my brand new 60 minute online Masterclass 'Purpose is Personal' guiding you towards your own unique path in life & work.

When you think about what it is you truly want to be doing, is it where you are today?


Do you feel happy and fulfilled in your work?


Does it light you up?

Or do you feel a bit flat. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, depleted, burnt out.


It is so easy to find ourselves out of alignment with the life and career that we really want to live.


To feel a bit lost.


To know in our heart and our soul that we are playing small.

We can make all the excuses in the world that we do not have enough time to look at this or if we step off the hamster wheel we won’t make any money. But this is a mindset of scarcity and lack, NOT of trust in yourself that you are capable of whatever you put your mind to.

The truth is that you are meant to live a life of abundance! With some focus and guidance you can come back to who you are and what it is you want. Could be that next step or a complete reinvention.


When we are connected to our purpose, our ‘why’, we have the power to know with certainty how we want to live our lives and embody the belief that we can make that happen. When we know our purpose, we have the confidence to move through limiting stories such as imposter syndrome, not being good enough and feelings of being trapped in our own reality. To instead live a life aligned with our values and what is most important to us.



In my new Masterclass ‘Purpose is Personal’ I will guide you towards your own unique path.


Over 60 minutes we will work together to gain the clarity you need to connect you into your purpose. I will teach, share exercises/journal prompts and walk you through a guided visualisation.


I will also be sharing my own experience of taking the decision to move away from my 20+ years corporate career in the UK and the Middle East to follow my purpose, gaining the courage and confidence I needed to launch my coaching and mentoring business.


You will come away feeling purposeful, positive, clear and ready to take that next step towards living your best life!



The Masterclass is 60 minutes guidance and teaching from me with time for Q&A. It will be recorded and the replay available afterwards in case you are unable to make it live.


I hope to see you there!