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Arriving in 2022 with Joy

I have so loved the time I've had over these past couple of weeks. I've spent lazy hours with family, gone for long walks in the woods, meandered along the seafront, watched movies in the afternoons, visited Harry Potter World (amazing!) but above all else, felt grateful every day for being in good health and this year being able to see loved ones over the Christmas period.

It has been so good to just BE. To give myself permission to slow down and to know and trust that there is so much goodness, nourishment, recharging and rebalancing to be had in the quiet time at the end of the year. Getting ready to step in to a new era.

This year, 2022, is different for me. It gets to be on my terms as I begin 2022 fully in Stacy Holland Coaching having left my 20+ year career in corporate roles in December. No more managing my coaching and mentoring business on the side, it is front and centre now for me and I couldn't be more excited for what is to coming this year and for all the incredible soul-aligned clients I will be working with through their own growth and transformation! Whether in programmes, masterclasses or private 121 coaching, it’s going to be an incredible year all round!

I am really feeling the energy of expansion, connection, freedom, growth, authenticity, impact and above all else, JOY.

This is my word for 2022. Joy. You've probably heard people talking about their ‘word of the year’. It is an extremely effective way to get you feeling in to what is most important for you over the coming 12 months. 2021 for me was Discovery. I spent a lot of time exploring, getting to know me better, investing in my self development and expansion with world class coaches, mentors, healers and guides. It was a year of going inwards as I became clearer on my path and mission. This will continue for me - always I'm sure! - but the shift this year is towards building a business and life that yes, is impactful and life changing, but that also gets to be fun and full of joy. I know when I am happy and lit up, I am at my best and inspire and encourage others to follow what makes them happy and satisfied.

What word best summarises how you want to feel in 2022?

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