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Who’s energy are you choosing to be in?

You know that old saying that we are the average of the 5 people we spend our time with?

I like to think we can expand that to a wider circle of people who’s energy we consciously choose to be in because it makes us feel good.

I remember so clearly when I decided to begin devoting more of my time to my self development and began seriously investing in my growth. Not just dipping in and out but making a full blown commitment to go all in.

It was in November 2020 that I made the life changing decision that I wanted to move from a place of fear, frustration and being stuck. To a better place. A more fulfilling place. One that lit me up. Every day.

I didn’t know exactly what it would look like or even really what I wanted, I just knew that I could no longer ignore that niggle that it was time.

Time to invest in me.

Time to know I was worth it.

Time to make a change.

And so I began the of looking for people to inspire me, guide me, support me and expand me. Asking the Universe for help. Reaching out to my network.

I knew that I just had to be in the energy of people who would ‘get’ me, who I would learn from, who would expand me, who would hold me, who’s own experiences and life stories would inspire me, who would teach me how to become the truest, most authentic version of myself.

Who would help me to feel safe, with me.

Who would would help me to look at my shadows with compassion.

Who would help me to see and feel the amazing light and potentiality in me

Who would help me to take steps towards my vision

Who would walk with me on that path.

We may not always be able to choose the people in our lives every day.

But we can choose who gets to come on the journey with us. Who gets to be in our energy and who’s energy, in turn, we get to be in.

This is where the real magic happens 💫💫💫

Stacy x

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