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The power of next level coaching

The thing about coaching is that we often don’t realise we need it until we are already inside the problem.

Which is totally ok! And often where many people begin their coaching journey. When they are burnt out, exhausted, fed up, feeling stuck, caught in a loop of unhealthy habits and behaviors.

I love helping to guide people through this first ‘gate’ (if you like). It’s incredibly rewarding for the client and changes can be seen and felt remarkably quickly with the right energy, intention and aligned action.

The next level kicks in though when the Client moves through this initial phase and begins to notice the signs of these saboteurs creeping up. Before they have taken hold.

When they are able to pause and then, with the support from me, energetically and pragmatically get curious and explore together what is coming up before then empowering themselves to make choices that support the happier, more satisfying career and life that they want to sustain or create.

Imagine that. Being able to feel, see, sense, understand when old beliefs, unhealthy patterns or limiting stories are showing themselves to you. And then knowing and trusting that YOU have the power and ability to decide that they no longer get to run the show.

For me personally, this was and continues to be the game changer in my own life and in my career and business.

To know that I have the power to choose which beliefs serve me and which don’t. Who gets to be in my energy and who doesn’t. Which situations light me and which don’t and so I walk away.

This is a daily dance but it is empowering and life changing and so I welcome it with open arms. Because even on those days when things feel tough, I know I am still the one who gets to decide how I react and what I do next.

Who are you being today? Are you standing in your power?

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