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The power of choosing belief and courage over fear and doubt

Just over 3 months ago I left my Executive position in my corporate career to become an Entrepreneur.

To run my own start up. To commit to my passion and purpose.

Was it an easy decision. No!

I had taken a path of over 20 years climbing the ladder, learning my craft, building my network, delivering market changing results, growing businesses, developing high talent teams, transforming cultures and more.

I started with a Marketing and Advertising degree to a career in Digital, then PR. From PR to Marketing, from Marketing to eCommerce. From eCommerce to Customer Service. From CS to Strategy. From Strategy to 4 years in Dubai as VP leading all Digital Channels and Transformation. Back to the UK leading Digital Product teams for 3 of the biggest and most notable brands in the UK.

And on paper, that all looks pretty impressive. I worked hard, always focused on doing so with integrity. Driven to keep moving forwards. I was (and still am) incredibly proud of myself for everything I achieved.

But the thing? (because there is always a thing)

It wasn’t for me anymore.

It started to feel too hard. I began to feel disconnected from who I really was. I found I was no longer thriving. And when I got honest with myself, no longer happy.

Was it an easy decision to start my own coaching and mentoring business. Yes. I believe when we know we know, we can trust our gut, our intuition. So when the time came, it was a peaceful and ‘of course this is what I’m doing’ decision.

Was it without fear. No!

Absolutely not. I worked on the fear every single day.

Fear that I wasn’t good enough.

Fear that I wouldn’t make the same money as I did in corporate.

Fear of what others would think.

Fear that I would mess it all up.

Fear that I would fail and how embarrassing that would be.

Fear that I would let myself and my family down having been the main earner in our household.

At one point I couldn’t even say Entrepreneur without feeling like an imposter!

But I worked on those fears.

And I still do. Every time something comes up. An old story or limiting beliefs. A new worry as I take the next step towards a new idea or offering.

And I clear it.

Fear doesn’t get to run the show for me.

Courage does.

I choose to follow my dreams, to do what lights me up, to bring together everything I have learnt over the past 20 years and help others to also create the career and life that they so want.

I choose belief and courage.

I choose to continue to support myself, as I always have, with coaches and mentors who help to guide, challenge and hold me as I walk my path.

So was following my heart the right decision. 100%!

To anyone wondering whether to listen to that nudge to take a leap, make a change, following a passion, this is a call to now lead yourself to the next chapter in your life. With belief, with courage. Trust and watch your dreams become your reality.


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