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Portals and gateways

It’s so interesting how we go on our own healing journey as we seek to help others.

I had the most incredible time this week at Glastonbury and Stonehenge. The energy was amazing and I felt connected, balanced and held by a force so peaceful and power it felt overwhelming and deeply moving at times.

This photo was captured of me sitting in a beautiful archway at the Tor taking it all in. They say Glastonbury is the union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. I certainly felt that and it was a perfectly timed reminder to lean even more in to consciously balancing both (the ‘being’ and the ‘doing’) every day.

I’ve always a had a thing for doorways, I’ve artwork in my home of all sorts. I never really understood why the pull to them until now.

The portal.

The possibility of what’s on the other side.

The activation of our soul when we choose to step forward and discover what else is out there for us.

And inherent in that is trust.

That we must always move forward.

That we are always supported by a loving force greater than us.

That life is a journey and as we move forwards we continue to discover more about ourselves.

That is so beautiful!

I have so much to come through me still and in to the world. To speak, to write, to guide, to heal.

I trust all the downloads, the messages and the guidance I am being given at this time and I’m allowing it all to integrate.

Sometime we just need to BE and let the magic do its thing 😉💫

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