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How comfortable are you with visibility and being in your light?

Imagine feeling excited to share your gifts because you know on a soul level that is your purpose.

To lead and inspire knowing that you magnetize others.

To know that it is safe to be seen. Just as you are.

To trust that you are here as a change-maker and it is time to step forward.

I don’t say these things lightly. I know for some of you this will feel uncomfortable. As women we have come from times when it hasn’t been safe.

But you can choose to make a decision today that it gets to be different for you. In this time. Right now.

That you are here to shine brightly.

The world is your stage and you are the star!


I encourage you to sit with your journal and ask yourself:

🌻 Where am I holding back from shining my light?

🌻 If I knew it was safe to be 100% me, what would be possible for me? Who would I be and what would I do differently to today?

🌻 What is my deepest calling? How can I be of service and where am I being called to step forward now?

🌻 What one thing will I commit to doing differently each day in service of my goals?

Shine brightly. You were born for this! 💛

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