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Do you believe in you?

It’s always within you. It always has been.


We are not born with a belief that we can’t, that we will fail if we try, that good things don’t happen to us

We are born with infinite possibilities available to us. With trust and belief that we can, that we are deserving, that life is full of potential.

As we grow, as we enter in to friendships, relationships, life stages, situations and systems our belief system is shaped in to one that is influenced by others.

This often results in us believing that we are less than we really are.

We put limitations on ourselves.

We stay in unhealthy relationships.

We drink too much, eat foods that are not good for us, don’t move enough or exercise.

We tell ourselves that our careers have a ceiling, we can only go so far.

We allow ourselves to believe that we are not worthy of what we dream of.

Maybe we don’t allow ourselves to dream at all. Because it doesn’t feel safe. Because we’d rather live a life that is predictable than believe that we have what it takes to create change in our lives, in our careers.

We forget how to love ourselves unconditionally.

As we did when we came in to this world.

We forget how to believe in ourselves and the pure potentiality that we have.

But it’s still there.

It always within you

It always has been.

I believe in you.

Do you?



And now take that next step forwards.

Stacy x

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