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What does being an authentic, conscious, embodied leader mean to you?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Several years ago I made a commitment to myself that I would make a significant change in my life.

That I would show up every day as the embodied leader I am.

This was life changing for me and I propelled forward as a leader and as a person. I became more in tune with myself and how I wanted to be present and role model each day. I built more meaningful relationships and connections around me. I let go of beliefs that no longer served me. I leant in to faith and trust. I helped others to see it was OK do the same.

Have you ever felt that you are moulding yourself to certain conditioning, beliefs that you have about how you ‘should’ be as a leader? Of what is ‘expected’ of you?

You’ll know the feeling if you do. It will be uncomfortable. Maybe a nudge or a whisper. Maybe louder than that.

Here’s how I shifted my energy:

➡️ By not listening to the limiting beliefs, stories and societal conditioning I had been reinforcing to myself

➡️ By not conforming to being a version of a leader that I felt was what I ‘should’ be

➡️ By no longer seeking validation and approval from others and to know that this only needed to come from me

➡️ To believe that I was more than enough, just as I was

➡️ To know that my empathy, sensitivity and inclusivity were my superpowers

➡️ And that this could exist in perfect balance with my ambition and drive

The impact of this has blown my mind!

I have not compromised on this for one day since then - even if I have to work on it at times - and I am happier and feel more fulfilled and connected to my purpose than ever before.

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