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The days are over of believing that the only way to make progress is to push, to hustle, to wear our exhaustion like a badge of honour. We are in a new time now, a new paradigm, where many people all over the world are becoming deeply aware that there is another way. To lead from a place of harmony, compassion, service and love. When empathy, unity and collaboration are supported by a clear purpose and passion it can and does create great momentum and change.

Lead With Love is an immersive group mentorship experience for leaders who are ready to take themselves to that next level of confidence and impact knowing the power and potency of leading from the heart.  To embody and lead from their light, values and uniqueness. To be fully and unapologetically their truest selves.


Throughout our 3 months together I will coach, mentor and empower you towards your own uniqueness as a soul-led leader. This mentorship experience will give you the inspiration, guidance, tools and support to break free of all that has been holding you back. The beauty of this experience will be sharing it with like minded people who also know the value and impact of gathering together to collectively move forwards, supporting each other as you grow and uplevel.

We will meet for 12 x weekly group calls, there are 3 x 1:1s with me with the option to upgrade to a VIP 1:1 package, inspiring Guest Experts will join us, there will be ongoing group support between sessions via WhatsApp or Voxer and we will get together or a nourishing in-person workshop at a spectacular location.


This will be an incredible experience and I'm excited to welcome you in!  

It starts with you.


Heart-centred, conscious leadership has the power to transform people, teams and businesses. One day at a time. One change at a time.


Do you know that it is time to fully step in to your purpose as a leader of the future.

With compassion and creativity

With power, passion and potency

With integrity and authenticity

With love and light

Are you ready to walk the talk and be the leader you aspire to be.


Ready to step in to courage and unlearn what no longer serves you

Ready to do the work and shift the beliefs that are holding you back

Ready to trust in who you are and show up in that truth every day

Ready to reclaim your power - stand up, speak out, be seen

Stacy’s coaching expertise set a new way of working and brought on big change within the business culture that was. She has got a unique way of coaching leaders towards new paths.

Åsa Andersson, Regional Head of Experience at Publicis Sapient

Are you ready to break away from the pack and from the way it has always been done? Do you know that you are here for more. Here to lead with truth. To guide others. To inspire and motivate. To be of service. To shine in your light and your power knowing that as you do, you help others to rise and be seen too. 


Here to lead from your heart, with love.


Do you know deep in your soul that you are here for more and it’s time now to make a change and show the world who you really are and what you are capable of.

Do you want to have the confidence to lead with truth, compassion and authenticity.

Do you feel ready to be a leader of true impact in this world.

Do you know that you are here to leave a legacy.

Do you feel that you are here to be a role model to those you care deeply about.

Do you feel that you want to speak out more and that your words will bring about positive change and momentum.

Do you want to embrace that you are a spiritual leader in a corporate world.

Do you desire more than anything to show up every day as your full, authentic self. The truest, brightest version of who you are.

Do you want to get to that next level leadership role or to launch your own business and are looking for a clear path to get there.

Do you desire to fully embrace your purpose as a heart-centred conscious leader and change-maker.

Do you feel called to step forward as a role model, to inspire and motivate people and teams to also be their full authentic selves at work.

Do you know that your empathy, compassion and sensitivity is your superpower.

Do you feel ready to access your inner light, to magnetise and radiate your gifts and presence around others.


Yet something has been holding you back.

You have been held back.

You have experienced frustration, depletion, exhaustion, feeling stuck.

Your confidence has taken a knock and you know you’re playing small.

You have felt afraid to fully step into your light and your power.

I'm here to help to guide you through all of this.

Stacy is extremely open and empathetic. Through her coaching, I’ve been able to better understand myself, truly release my potential and take the initiatives that I would otherwise never have gone for, both at a work and a personal level!


Helen Zhang - Principal Program Manager, Microsoft


I know what it’s like to experience all of this. Throughout my 20+ years in Corporates, in recent years at Executive level, I had very difficult periods where I struggled with confidence and being my full authentic self, believing that this would somehow hold me back. Afraid of being seen completely for who I was. Believing that I needed to show up in a certain way each day to ‘fit in’, to be accepted, to succeed. I pushed through my doubts, buried how I really felt and painstakingly climbed my way up the ladder. But always to the detriment to me and who I truly was. This manifested as illness, burn out and being signed off work over and over again.


I decided that enough was enough I was fed up of not embodying my full self as a heart-centred, conscious leader. And so I began my journey of leaning in to this, rewiring my beliefs and finding courage I didn’t know I had. Courage to be vulnerable, courage to change my life, courage to inspire others. I committed to letting my heart and soul lead the way, reclaiming my light and standing in my power. It transformed my career and my life! I achieved more impact in my roles, secured significant pay rises, became counsel for C-Suite Executives and CEOs, shaped and led cultural change and teams from a place of true authenticity.  I began my ongoing journey of transformation and felt happier, more satisfied and healthier than I had ever been!

I worked with coaches to support my growth and I haven’t looked back since. I supported myself with self-development resources, mentors, healers and self-care rituals such as meditation and journaling. I then made the empowering decision to step fully into my passion and purpose and go full time in to coaching and mentoring leaders and change makers. People who are here to have an impact in this world through shining their light, inspiring others and building their legacy. People who know they are here for more. Here to fully embrace their paths as heart-lead, conscious leadership.

Stacy really helped to centre me and helped my energy to feel so much more positive...I feel ready to go and not only tackle things but to enjoy it!

Ellie MacDonald, Founder & MD, MacComms

Throughout our 3 months together I will be teaching and guiding you to step into your light, reclaim your power and take aligned action to move you from where you are today, to where you want to be.


To embrace your truth and creativity as a leader, to love what you do and to feel happy and fulfilled!

We will cover:

Month 1

Knowing what it means to be a leader of true, authentic impact in these times

Seeing the vision you have for your future vs where you are today

Getting clear on your strengths, gifts and untapped potential

Understanding where you are compromising on your boundaries and energy

Month 2

Embodying and holding the energy of expansion and true heart-centred leadership

Shedding limiting stories that no longer serve you and embedding beliefs that do 

Meeting your inner artist, embracing your innate creativity and how you desire this to show up for you 

Habits, rituals, balance and boundaries to support you and your nervous system


Month 3

Truly embodying your own, unique, authentic leadership style

Compassionately holding space for others to also be their authentic selves

Taking radical resp
onsibility for yourself and consistently aligning actions with your vision and values

Bringing others on the journey with you, inspiring and motivating individuals, teams and communities


Being in a group with other like-minded leaders means you get the opportunity to share, grow, guide, and support each other throughout the 3 months. The power of this is incredible. The truth is that as we expand, others expand. As we shine, others shine. As we step into our power, others step into their power.

The heart of this experience is transforming your mindset and beliefs to enable you to bring about deep and lasting change. To do what lights you up in a way that brings you joy and fulfilment!


My style is to fuse together deep and impactful soul-led leadership coaching, mindset strategies, intuitive guidance, and my 20+ years transformational corporate experience right up to Executive level, leading digital and cultural change in the UK & Middle East for market leading brands.


I will hold you in a trusted space where you can be your truest self as we journey together over the weeks to reclaim your light and get you on the path to achieving the transformation you are seeking.

This 3 month immersive group mentorship experience includes:

12 x live weekly group sessions (recorded and replays shared)

Sign up

3 x 1:1s with me with the option to upgrade to a

VIP 1:1 package

Sessions with incredible

Special Guest Experts​

A group chat container (Voxer or WhatsApp) for ongoing support

An in-person workshop at a spectacular location in Surrey (UK)

Lead with Love begins 20th April 2022


Investment options

VIP package

VIP includes:

x3 additional 1:1s with me

+ 1:1 Voxer access
(usually reserved for Private Clients only)

If you would like to pay in installments over the 3 months, please email me at

If you have any questions there is the option to book a free 15 minute Clarity Call with me to discuss reserving your space in this very special group mentorship experience.

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